You want to have your calendar fully bo0ked with orders MONTHS ahead. You want it to be January and you're putting up a "now open for JULY orders" picture on your Instagram. You never want to have to worry about there being several slow months in a row. You never want to take on those last minute, low value, annoying orders.

Right now, it's not like that.

Right now, you have no plan for how to get those things. Secretly, you're not really sure what how to get it done, let alone have some sort of plan for it.

Right now, you're feeling kinda...well... a bit guilty that you haven't done any advertising.  So far you've gotten pretty good business with Facebook and word of mouth, but that's slowing down. You know you NEED to advertise. You know you SHOULD do it. You just...well, it's all too overwhelming and you don't want to get it wrong. You also have no money to do it. Besides, aren't ads in wedding magazines really expensive?

Right now, you hate talking about yourself.  Talking about yourself makes you really uncomfortable. (You're probably an introvert.) Secretly, you wish you could just make cake all day and let someone else do the talking to customers. You hate giving people a price or explaining why you're more expensive than the other woman in your area.

Right now, you don't have enough orders. You need more. You want more. You know you're capable of more. But you're not really sure...where and how do I GET more?

Right now, you have no money for big stuff like a bunch of ads in glossy wedding magazines or pop up stores. There's no "budget" and even if you did have one, you wouldn't know how much to put in there or where to spend it so you're not wasting it.

Right now, you're a frustrated small business owner, looking at how others in the industry appear to be KILLING IT with orders booked MONTHS in advance. You're secretly worried that you haven't got what it takes to make real money from cake..because your calendar has got whole weeks or months with no orders in them.

You think other people are FREAKING AMAZING at talking about themselves, while you're hanging out over here frustrated that Facebook only shows your posts to 1% of your likers, or annoyed that you just spent $500 on an wedding fair that got you no bookings, or afraid to put a photo of yourself on your website.


You know what?

It doesn't have to be that way at all.

You can learn what that scary word "marketing" is - and really understand it, without needing "a business mind" or being good at math or very creative.

You can create a plan to fill your calendar with orders which is affordable, effective, and ACTUALLY DO-ABLE.

You can feel confident and in control of your business choices- so that you're not wasting time, effort or money on stuff that doesn't work - or worse, not doing anything at all because you're overwhelmed.

You can start getting consistent orders - and then when you want to ramp it up to increase those numbers again, you'll know what to do.

You won't need a ton of money to do it.

You won't have time (or even be interested) to look at what everyone else is doing - because you will be too busy ROCKING IT YOURSELF. 

This class is designed to turn you into the person who CAN rock at getting orders for your business- not only can you do it, you'll actually DO it - because together, we're going to make it happen.  This class takes you through the entire process, from deciding where to spend your money and time to then checking to make sure that money and time were well spent.

Whether you're selling cake or cookies, macarons or cake pops, this class is going to give you detailed, step-by-step action you can take to get started with marketing....even if you hate talking about yourself, you're introverted, or you haven't got much (if any) money to spend on advertising.

The Confident Marketing class is made up of:

  • A series of videos that are easy to understand and have clearly explained concepts of marketing and how to actually get it done (not to mention, I'm pretty hilarious.)
  • You can watch the videos as often as you need to, and skip forward or go back to sections as your confidence grows or you just like listening to me talk.
  • A whole bunch of downloadable resources to get you off and running including a marketing calendar, social media calendar, list of great tech resources and more - so you don't waste time making those yourself.
  • Ongoing support - if you have a question or get stuck, just get in touch at any time. I'm here to help. Here's my personal email address:

Here's How It Works

After registering, you'll be asked to create a username and password. That will give you full and immediate access to the entire course - all the videos and worksheets will be available to you for as long as you need them.  If you run into any problems, just send me an email and I'll help you out.

I stand 100% behind this product - so if you do the work, and still find your calendar isn't starting to fill up, I'll refund your investment (within 30 days of purchase.) I know that it's the most comprehensive cake business marketing class out there. I know that if you do the work, you'll be able to "put it out there" with confidence and as a result, see more sales - which is exactly what we want to have happen.

Here's what previous students had to say about this class:

"Thank you so much for this class! You are a breath of fresh air and you make it all so much easier to understand and implement. THANK YOU!" - Loretta Johnstone (USA)

"Before this class I would say I hated marketing. Now it's not as scary as I thought and I'm slowly learning to love it." - Simone Naples (USA)

"What can I say Michelle, you did it again! I did your Confident Pricing class and the success I had there made me buy this class too. This class has also been so worth it. Thank you for making my marketing a lot easier." - Joelle Burke-Smyth (UK)

"Honestly I was afraid to buy this class. I hate talking about myself. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend and I'm so glad I did. You even make it easy for an introvert like me." - Sharise Collins (UK)

"I knew I was terrible at marketing.  I decided to try this class because I trust you and love reading the blog. I learned that what I thought was marketing wasn't marketing at all. The way you explained it made a lot more sense. It's now 3 months since I bought this class and there's already a big difference in the orders I have deposits for. There are a lot more of them and I'm charging more too. Thanks for making a "marketing for dummies" class for people like me." - Anna-Marie Windsor (Australia)

"You are a breath of fresh air and I love your style! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!!" - Loreta Wilson

Are you ready to finally get your calendar filled up, so that you can start to feel like all this effort is really worth it?

Let's get started.


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