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30 days of awesome
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The 30 Days of Awesome is the thing most people ask me to offer again and again, because it's so simple yet so amazing. Lots of people tell me that reading one of these emails is a little like going to see a life coach - when you're done, you're smiling.

Once you sign up, every day for the next thirty days, an email love bomb from me is going to land in your inbox. Each one will have: a short and fun activity for you, a way to share your progress with me, and some resources for further thinking/learning/doing. The daily activities are intended to motivate you, inspire you, and make your day (and therefore your week...and then your business and your life) just that little bit MORE awesome (or make it awesome in the first place!) I believe in living a #LifeofAwesome and this program is a way for you to start that process of living too.

We cover three areas of your life:

Personal Stuff

Work Stuff

Life Stuff


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