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Are you ready to finally get your head around marketing, so that you can get more orders and really give this thing one hell of a good shot? I KNOW you can market your business (even if you're scared to) and in this class, we're going to cover 5 modules:

+ What is Marketing Exactly?: Most people are a little confused about this, so to start with I'm going to give you a simple lesson on what marketing IS and what it ISN'T. You'll already feel more confident when you realise you do not need viral videos, clever campaigns or expensive ads on Facebook to grow your business.

+ Get Your Marketing Started: If you've never done any marketing before, you need to start here. What are you trying to tell people about your business, and who are you trying to tell? This part of the class gives you some really easy ways to figure that stuff out (and some helpful worksheets.) I make it all way easier than you think to figure out what your specific marketing should be.

+ Online and Offline, Your Marketing Mix: Social media is great, but it's not the end all and be all. In this section we talk about how to market to the locals (they're the ones buying!) and how to mix that with your online stuff.

+ Organise Your Marketing So It Gets Done: The hardest part about marketing is getting it done when you're already busy. In this section I give you a tips and tricks to plan you're marketing so it gets done and ends up in results.

+After You've Done Some Marketing: Now what? You're getting the word out - and it's starting to get you more orders! This section we'll talk about how to take it to the next level.

Confident Marketing is a series of videos and worksheets designed to help you understand marketing, apply it to your own business and start growing this business of yours - in a non-scary, non-expensive way.

Let's get started!

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