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Confident Pricing is my best loved and most successful class - I teach you ALL about pricing but not just the numbers.  In this class, we cover 4 main modules:

+ Setting Up for Success: in this section we talk about how to get started with proper pricing. How to keep track of costs, what does pricing actually mean, and how to get started if you really have no idea what to charge.

+ Pricing for Profit: in this section I cover all the different elements of pricing (labour, ingredients, overheads, profit.) We go over each one individually and I explain what they are and how to figure them out, including the weird stuff like ribbons and sprinkles! I give you simple ways to figure this stuff out, so you're not losing money, you're making it!

+ Confident Communicating: Knowing the pricing is one thing, telling someone your prices is another (it can be really uncomfortable). In this section I'm helping you to send quotes that get accepted, talk to people about price on the phone, and make sure you're getting more orders in a way that feels good to you AND your customer.

+ Where to From Here?: This last section is about the next level of pricing. Once you've figured it all out, then what? Let's talk about how to make more money, raise prices, and deal with challenging people.

+Bonus Material: I've got four bonuses here. A video about "Should I work for free?", one about discounting, and then two audio files. One is about the MOST COMMON pricing mistakes and how to avoid them, and the other is about mastering your money mindset (how you feel about money.)

Confident Pricing is a series of videos, worksheets and Excel sheets to get you started - it's designed to be easy to understand, easy to implement, and done so you can feel way better about your prices (even if you hate math.)

Let's get started!

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