CourseWords That Sell and Getting Testimonials Masterclass

Words that sell and getting testimonials
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This one is for you if you’ve ever struggled with knowing what to write in your emails, newsletters and social media and don’t want to sound salesy. Talking and communicating is hard, especially if you’re introverted. This class is going to make that communication a whole lot easier, so that it’s not taking you ages to write things like social media posts, and you’re not freaking out once you hit send. Words MATTER and we can use those words to get you more sales!

I'm going to give you:

  • Exactly the words to use, including examples of how to use them - so you generate more sales for your business
  • A downloadable worksheet to make it easier to know what to say
  • My thoughts on all the different ways you can communicate
  • Easy ways to get testimonials and what to do with them

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